Our Values

Who Are We? Team


Play is the most important activity for young children
Play is the means by which children learn, growth and find happiness. Play is vital for good mental and physical well-being and health in children. It is our responsibility to ensure that the environment at the nursery is adaptable to meet all of the childrens' needs for play.


A balance of outdoor learning and indoor learning in the right environment where children can learn through play
Both indoor and outdoor play offers significantly different benefits. We ensure that children can freely and safely move between the indoor and outdoor areas of our nursery.


The environment must offer experiences for all children which are both child and adult led
The skill of a good Earl Years Practitioner is in knowing how to guide a child through play to reach key learning outcomes. All the staff at our nursery are training to a high standard to enable them to teach at a high level through play. It is also important to let children be free and by exploring their surroundings.


All adults in the setting must understand the importance of the play provision to a child
Children need adults who value and enjoy teaching them through play. Having the right people to do this is vital to a child's success. All of our practitioners enter a professional development programme to help us reach the best possible outcome for all children.


The outdoor environment must harness the special nature of the outdoors
The outdoor space at the nursery offers all children a place to develop their holistic well-being, health and intellectual development. Our outdoor playground and forest school provide children with the freedom to explore different ways of “being”, feeling, behaving and interacting.


We commit to being continually reviewed to ensure that the nursery is the right place for your child to learn
The nursery offers a responsive environment for all types of play where children they can manipulate, create, control and modify. The nursery space itself will always be flexible to children's needs to maximise learning opportunities.


The setting will provide a range of contexts for play to allow children to have real life experiences and contact with the natural world and their community
Through play, young children can learn the skills of social interaction and friendship, care for living things and their environment. Providing the right opportunities for children to learn these skills is one of the most important roles we have, as these what is learn will set the foundations for later life.


Children need to be challenged and take risk within the framework of security and safety
Children need to learn how to approach and manage physical and emotional risks. Learning these skills in childhood is vital to a healthy and full filling later life. Children at the nursery are encouraged to set and meet their own challenges, become aware of their limits and push their ability at their own pace.


All of the provision must support inclusion and meet the needs of individuals
Our nursery recognises that all children have individual needs and strives to facilitate these to ensure every child benefits from the nursery's provisions. Being aware of cultural differences and exploring this with children in a fun and caring way is in our DNA.