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Policies and Procedures

At Rose Cottage Farm Childrens Nursery we have a range of policies and procedures.  They are to help us comply to all government guidelines and to ensure that we clearly inform both staff and parents/carers how we operate.  All of these policies and procedures are designed to offer the best possible provision for our children and their families.

A more detailed breakdown of all of our policies and procedures is in our Early Years Foundation Stage Manual that is kept in the main office at the nursery.  This manual is available for you to read, within the setting, at any time.

Within our setting we also have  a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), a Behaviour Manager, an Equal Opportunities officer in charge, a Child Protection Officer, a Health and Safety Office, as well as being passed both by the Fire Safety Officer and Department of Environmental Health.

Our policies and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis and comments and suggestions from parents/carers are always welcome.  Please see our Curriculum section for our SEN offer.

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