Rose Cottage Farm Childrens Nursery - Where children can fulfill their full potential

Working in Partnership with Parents

Rose Cottage Farm Childrens nursery engages to work in partnership with parents.  We feel it is of great importance for the staff and children to know that we have the support of parents, and for you to know that you have our support as a team.  We aim to have an open and friendly environment where we would welcome and ask for any constructive suggestions of how to improve our service to you and your child.

We hold regular parents evening and parent questionnaires. Information is displayed on our parents Notice boards.  We use "Tapestry" software for your childs' learning journey which you are able to post "wow" moments for us to include in their learning and development journey.  Our Facebook page  informs all parents of up to date information, dates for diaries and events, along with pictures of what the children have been up too and enjoying. 

Every time your child attends Rose Cottage Nursery you will have a verbal or written information on what your child has done during their times with us that day.  We are never complacent so if you have any worries however small please feel free to come in and talk to us, as the welfare of your child is paramount.

At the same time we expect you the parents to work in partnership with us, so when it comes to providing us with sun tan creams, new nappies for your child, and paying your fees on time, we trust your commitment to us as your chosen child care provider is respected.

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